Superintendent’s Report
    September 6, 2017
    Board of Trustees
    C. Lewis, Superintendent of Schools
    September 2017 Technology Department Update
    K. Shipka, Assistant Superintendent of Schools
    K. Smith – Learning Services Supervisor
    That the Board receive an update on the various projects and initiatives from the Technology
    In the 21st century, understanding and using technology will be an integral part of virtually every
    aspect of daily life. The GYPSD Technology Department strives to provide a solid infrastructure,
    agile access to a variety of devices, innovative and timely support to all students and staff while
    fostering a culture of citizenship in a digital age.
    A. Bird is now working in the role of Education Technology Lead Teacher. She will spend a
    minimum of 85% of her time in classrooms working with teachers to support and enhance their
    instructional practices using technology.
    Current composition of the team:
    K. Smith - Supervisor
    A. Bird - Lead Teacher, Educational Technology
    T. Cameron, Support Analyst
    H. Shearer - System Administrator
    H. Le - System Analyst
    L. Le - System Analyst
    J. Close - System Analyst
    B. Dick - System Analyst
    The 2016/2017 school year saw the upgrade of our firewall hardware and software at all of our
    GYPSD sites. This improved security measure will prevent unauthorized access to and from
    our private network. We now have increased granularity in allowing and blocking access for
    individual users. Each school within the division underwent a major upgrade to their CAT6
    wiring and new access points were added in each building. In many cases, the school now has
    quadruple the access points they originally had. This upgrade will provide uninterrupted
    wireless access for staff and students.

    GSuite Migration
    GYPSD is now officially a GSuite division!! In the 2016/2017 school year we migrated over
    5000 users (staff and students) from the Office 365 platform to the more educational friendly
    GSuite platform. Usage of cloud based computing and collaborative tools has increased
    significantly within the division since the migration.
    Citizenship in a digital age
    Grande Yellowhead Public School Division #77 is committed to providing anywhere/anytime
    learning opportunities and it is critical that GYPSD teachers and students are familiar with the
    responsibilities of being digitally connected citizens. In consultation with the Learning
    Technology Advisory Committee AP 354 along with Appendix A was created. This AP is
    focused on helping staff and students understand their responsibility to be good citizens in a
    digital age.
    GYPSD has subscribed to MediaSmarts which provides online, interactive tools that support the
    health curriculum from K-12 and teach students about digital citizenship. Teachers have access
    to weekly lessons to help support students to become responsible technology users.
    Digital Library
    An exciting project our department has been working on and will roll out this school year is the
    implementation of our Digital Lending Library, which will be available to all schools. Given the
    expansive selection of technological tools and the associated costs, the technology team will do
    the research and purchase the digital resources making it easy for schools to access and use
    them in their daily instruction. The department has acquired (and will continue to build) a variety
    of digital technologies that will provide innovative, relevant and meaningful tools that teachers
    can incorporate into their lessons.
    Makerspaces can have a significant impact on student learning. The New Media Consortium
    (NMC) /Horizon Report has identified makerspaces as one of the six important developments in
    educational technology for K-12 education. Similar to the Digital Library, the technology
    department is going to support the creation and use of makerspaces in each of our school sites.
    A “home base” of materials will be collected, purchased and stored centrally and taken to school
    as required. The Ed Tech lead teacher will work with staff at each school to effectively
    incorporate the use of makerspaces in their classroom routines.
    Google Summit
    The coup de gras of the technology department’s work will be showcased with this year’s
    Summit on the Summit. A world class Google training event will take place in our school
    division for all staff. On October 19, staff will have the opportunity to participate in either Level 1
    or 2 Certification, October 20 (Institute Day) will bring all support staff to Hinton and teaching
    staff to Jasper to participate in GSuite training specific to their areas of work. October 21 all
    staff have the option to participate in additional day of training. On October 22, Google Earth
    will be hosting an outdoor education quest using Google Maps, which is free to any interested
    That the Board of Trustees receive an update on the progress of the information and
    educational technology in Grande Yellowhead Public School Division.

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