2. GYPSD Board of Trustees Annual Work Plan for 2017-2018
      1. September
      2. October
      3. November
      4. December
      5. January
      6. February
      7. March
      8. April
      9. May
      10. June
      11. August

Monitoring Report
September 6, 2017
Board of Trustees
C. Lewis, Superintendent of Schools
Board Annual Work Plan Review
Board of Trustees, GYPSD
That the Board review the Annual Work Plan for changes or updates.
Background Information:
Each year, the Board sets an Annual Work Plan that serves as a guide for monthly activities for
trustees or the Board as a whole.
Context of the Recommendation:
While the monthly list of activities in the Annual Work Plan is not all inclusive of the responsibilities
that fall to the Board, it serves as a guide for activities that regularly occur in the months of
September 1 through August 31.
The Board’s Annual Work Plan is a living document that can be adjusted as needs arise and
therefore requires regular review by the Board.

GYPSD Board of Trustees Annual Work Plan for 2017-2018
Attend Board Meetings
Attend assigned Committee Meetings, as required
Review the Monthly Expenditure of Accounts
Receive Superintendent’s and Monitoring Reports
Attend School Council Meetings
Review Board Annual Work Plan under Monitoring Reports
Discussion on Board’s participation in World Teachers’ Day, October 5
Review of Board / Superintendent Evaluation Feedback
Approve the Borrowing Resolution
Approve Auditors – on three-year cycle
Submit Alberta School Board Association (ASBA) Nominations for Awards, as warranted
Friends of Education Award Nomination
Honorary Life Member Award
Long-Service Award Nominations
Premier’s Award (ASBA)
Ensure representation at ASBA Zone 2/3 Meeting
Review draft schedule for Superintendent’s and Monitoring Reports
Graduation – Grand Trunk High School
Review community engagement strategies for school year
ASBA Fall Issues Forum
Ensure representation at:
ASBA Orientation Workshops by Zone (Election Year)
ASBA Zone 2/3 Meeting – Annual General Meeting
Participate in and support World Teachers’ Day
Graduation – Harry Collinge High School
Preliminary Planning for attendance as NSBA Conference
Ensure representation at:
Public School Boards Association of Alberta (PSBAA) AGM
GYPSD Institute Day

Plan for Board Organizational Meeting when it is election year
ATA Induction/Retirement
Leadership Symposium
Ensure representation at:
ASBA Fall General Meeting
ASBA Zone 2/3 Meeting
School Celebrations (Deputy Superintendent to set dates) – Define yearly protocol for
4-year term, e.g.:
Year 1 – visit all schools
Year 2 – similar schools present at ESC
Year 3 – zones present at ESC
Year 4 - each school presents at a board meeting
Encourage participation in Remembrance Day celebrations in local schools and in the
Discuss Annual Education Plan/Annual Education Results Report (combined report) –
October/November. Post unapproved AEP/AERR document on Division website as a
public document by Minister’s deadline of November 30
Host the Leadership Symposium for Board and Senior Staff (bi-annual)
Ensure representation at:
School Celebrations Presentations – November & December
Encourage representation at School Christmas Events
Receive Audited Financial Statement Report
Board approval of AEP/AERR. Post approved document on Division web site and advise
Minister of approval and posting.
Provide input into ASBA Strategic Plan
Meet annually with Town and Municipal Councils
Ensure representation at:
ASBA Zone 2/3 Meeting
Delivery of Appreciation Baskets to schools

Circulate School Calendar Plan for input by school councils, staff
Ensure representation at:
ASBA 2/3 Meeting
Public School Board Council (PSBC) Meeting
Encourage representation at:
Teachers’ Convention
ASBA Bylaws/Call for Issues
Submit Edwin Parr Teacher Award Nomination (ASBA)
Ensure representation at:
Volunteer Appreciation Activities in schools
ASBA Zone 2/3 Meeting
Encourage representation at National Congress on Rural Education in Canada
Substitute Teacher Appreciate Week
Attend Rural Education Symposium
Review and Approve the School Year Calendars
Approve Three-Year Capital Plan/Ten-Year Facility Plan
Contribute to the PSBAA Three Year Plan
Ensure representation at:
ASBA Zone 2/3 Meeting
Public School Board Council (PSBC) Meeting
Encourage representation at Alberta School Councils Association (ASCA) Conference and
Annual General Meeting
NSBA Conference attendance
Approve Budget
Review Board Policy Manual – updates and changes (e.g. Goals and Objectives aligned to AB Ed
Business Plan)
Ensure representation at ASBA Zone 2/3 Meeting - Edwin Parr winners acknowledged
Discuss ASBA Bylaws and PSBAA Agenda
Acknowledge ASBA Zone 2/3 Edwin Parr Winners
School Bus Driver Appreciation Day
Participate in and support Education Week activities
Graduation – TLC Hinton, Jasper Jr/Sr High
Host Joint School Council Meeting (bi-annual)
Ensure representation at:

PSBAA Spring General Meeting
ASBA Annual General Meeting
ASBA Zone 2/3 Meeting
Graduation: Parkland Composite High School, Grande Cache Community High School and TLC
Submit Zone Appreciation Award (ASBA & PSBA) nominations
Receive/Approve Revisions to Policy Manual
Attend Board Retirement Celebration – Overlander Lodge
Approve Annual Communications Plan
Participate in and support Environment Week Activities
Budget Approval
Ensure annual updates – ATA and CUPE Professional Growth
Encourage representation at CSBA
Conduct CEO Annual Evaluation
Evaluate Board Effectiveness
Attend Welcome Back Celebrations
Ensure representation at PSBC

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