2. REPORT

Action Item
September 6, 2017
Board of Trustees
C. Lewis, Superintendent of Schools
Rescind Motion 2017-093 for funding of the Evergreen School
site playground equipment relocation to Marie Bergeron site
J. Karén, Assistant Superintendent – Business Services
Resource Person(s):
K. Baluch, Director – Facility Services
That the Board rescind the motion No. 2017-093 (at the June 21, 2017 Public Board Meeting)
for the use of $ 200,000 of Unrestricted Surplus to cover the expenditures for the relocation of
the existing playground equipment at the Evergreen School site to the Marie Bergeron
Elementary School site due to the announced full funding from Alberta Education for this
As the Marie Bergeron Elementary School project will be completed during the summer 2017,
there will be a need for more playground equipment on that site in addition to the existing, A.H.
Dakin school playground. The Evergreen school playground equipment, still reasonably new,
were acquired with funds obtained by Evergreen fundraising activities. The Division has had the
option to relocate the existing equipment to the Marie Bergeron site and not to leave it at the
Evergreen site, where the school building is due to a demolition. On May 15, 2017
Administration received a cost estimate for the Evergreen site playground equipment relocation
to Marie Bergeron site from Blue Imp Company for $179,217.
As per the received letter from the Minister dated July 25, 2017, Alberta Education will fully fund
the playground relocation expenditures and therefore the June 21, 2017 passed motion of using
Unrestricted Surplus to cover the relocation project expenditures can be rescinded.
Administration is proceeding with this project with the proposed vendor. The Division will cover
all the project costs with Alberta Education funding as per the letter by the Minister.

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