Action Item
    August 23, 2017
    Board of Trustees
    C. Lewis, Superintendent of Schools
    Supports for School Resource Officer Program, Edson
    K. Shipka, Assistant Superintendent – Learning Services
    That the Board of Trustees approve a $30,000 one-time allocation to support the
    continuation of the RCMP School Resource Officer program in Edson.
    During the 2016-2017 school year the RCMP piloted a School Resource Officer program in
    Edson schools aimed to bridge the gap between the youth and the RCMP. The pilot was
    fully funded under the Community Policing Agreement, reducing the number of officers
    serving the community and allocating that officer to the school program. Evidence presented
    during Staff Sergeant P. King’s presentation to the board, shows that the program is
    making a difference by increasing the relationship between youth and the RCMP as well as
    the overall police related incidence occurring in the community. Principals at both Ećole Pine
    Grove Middle School and Parkland Composite High School confirm the program is
    Context of the Recommendation:
    Staff Sergeant P. King approached members of the community to seek supports to continue
    the program. The Town of Edson, Grande Yellowhead Public School Division and Living
    Waters Catholic Schools were invited to collaboratively fund the program moving forward.
    Staff Sergeant P. King presented to the Edson Town Council’s Committee of the Whole, and
    it was determined that the financial impact for the program would be approximately
    $107,000. GYPSD will contribute $30,000; with the remainder being funded by the other
    Board approval is required for $30,000 funding for the continuation of the School Resource
    Officer program in Edson.

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